Reinvigorate agriculture

Our vision is to develop diversified agricultural activities in Ibiza, always using best practices to provide the consumer with outstanding organic products. Where possible, we integrate elements of permaculture with the aim to constantly regenerate and improve the quality of the soil. We also focus strongly on preserving and stimulating biodiversity.


Where Falcon meets Barnowl

We operate in a preserved environment in the mountains of San Joan de Labritja in the northern part of Ibiza. Initially we designed and planted an olivgrove with “Picual” and “Arbequina” trees. In Winter 2019/2020 we will plant an additionnal sort that has proven to well fit in the climatic zone we operate in, “Koroneiki”.
Subsequent to the terrible Morna Valley Fire in 2011, which burnt over 1’500 hectares of forest, we discovered that many more terraces existed on the land than those we cultivated so far. Effectively, mainly pine trees used to cover up the dry stone walls and terraces that were built by hand many centuries ago and cultivated until the seventies.
Thus we decided to restore these dry stone walls and, after analyzing the soil, which revealed to be a suitable sandy loam stone, re-cultivate most of the terraces with vines. This is simply said : Back to the roots, as it is well known that the history of wine production in Ibiza dates back to the 7th century B.C.!
We also made sure to maintain the existing fig trees and leave many parts of the land wild, thus granting continuous corridors for the fauna.
The fact that a Falcon is very often flying above our land covered with rocks, inspired us to name our company Sa Roca des Falcó SL and since we have the regular visit of a Barnowl, we linked the two in our slogan “Where Falcon meets Barnowl”
Early 2018 we installed a couple of bee-hives, inviting their inhabitants to contribute to a better pollination of the trees and flowers in our area.


Wine, EVOO & Honey


Extra-Virgin Oliv Oil

We produce Extra-Virgin Oliv Oil under the brand name “CAS COIX”. The olives are gently pressed at low temperature at the state of the art mill “OLI EIVISSENC DES TRULL DE SANT JOAN S.L..” of which we are members.



In Spring 2019 we bottled the first vintage of our “BLACKNOSE” red wine, harvested in 2017 from our different varieties of vines.


Sweet gift from nature

In the near future, we might get a small production of honey from our bee hives.


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Contact Person : Peter Lehner

Distribution of „Blacknose“ in Ibiza:

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